Vacation Reboot


I’ve had this problem twice now.  After spending five days out of town, we get back home and my daughter has turned into a fussy nightmare. At this very moment, I think to myself it’s not worth going on vacation. I really don’t mean that, but I just need to think it and say it and feel it for a moment. I know it is just the tired, overwhelmed me being dramatically cynical. It’s just a lot of extra work. Is this what I have to look forward to after every vacation we take? Does this happen to other people? It may take a week or two to get her back to her “normal” self. A week or two feels like forever when in this mode. I don’t know that there is a true “normal” since that seems to change all the time, but something that resembles her pre-vacation “normal” would be nice. A baby who more or less took her naps, slept in her crib, and didn’t scream every time I put her down. A baby who would be content with a few toys while I made a bottle, or got changed, or tried to be productive. Not this post-vacation “I need to cling to you” baby. It’s really, really, really frustrating. The only solace I find is knowing that one day in the future I will suddenly realize things have been much easier as she contentedly plays, ten feet away, without a care in the world. Most likely that thought will happen as I’m on my computer booking our next vacation, but hey, such is life.

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