Tiger says “Rawr”!


Just wanted to make a special note about this time in Sacha’ life.  She is ten and a half months old. Honestly just about every month I think, “this is my favorite month.” Even during month nine, which was a challenging time, (see my posts about lack of sleep), I could not get enough of those two bottom teeth and that sweet grin. The last two weeks, though, have been especially fun. It’s so easy to focus on the challenges and hardships of being a parent, but I want to make sure I stop and take note of the great things about it too.

Developmentally, Sacha has had a busy few weeks and it has been really fun to watch her figure things out. She is starting to repeat things back to us. If I make a noise, she does her best impression of it.  “Why are you chewing on that? Bleh,” is followed by a mini “bleh,” complete with tongue out. This could be trouble but right now it’s soo fun! She also has the most awesome roar for tigers, lions and bears. She knows what they look like and the noises they make. I have to say it’s hilarious to hear such a sound come from such a sweet little face. Example: We have animal magnets on the fridge and she will take off the tiger and carry it around.  When you ask her what the tiger says, she holds it up and says “RAWR!”

Another developmental milestone is her use of sign language. Yes, my husband and I jumped on the sign language bandwagon. We decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. If it works, great, and if not, well we had some fun learning it. Well wouldn’t you know, she’s starting to do it! Whenever she sees a bird outside, she now makes the bird sign. If you say elephant or she sees a picture of one, her little arm comes up, like a little trunk. Just the other day we took a trip to the aquarium, and sure enough, she started doing the sign for fish. Very cool.

Along with all of these new noises and signs, she has also said her first word. Sacha’s first word was “yay”. Whenever she accomplishes something, we say “yay, good job!” I guess she has been listening. By the way, “yay” is an official word (I looked it up) and it means an exclamation of joy or excitement. That is a great description of her in general, because she experiences most things in the world with joy and excitement.

I think that is my favorite part about being a parent. It’s a chance to stop and really experience things again, with new eyes. I didn’t really think much of pigeons before, but now when I see one I get excited and point it out to her. Farm animals are fun. Baby hippos are ridiculously cute. Banjo music isn’t all that bad. There are so many interesting things in the world, and I’m excited for her to discover them. This fun observance is a good reminder to not get so distraught with missed naps or daily routines that we forget to see the good stuff.

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