The Baby Haircut that Almost Happened

Baby Haircut

So Sacha’s hair has been growing and growing (no need for a baby wig!). Not that we wanted to give her a major baby haircut overhaul, but just to trim the bangs and neaten things up a bit. We thought it would be good to schedule an appointment with someone we know and try it out. This is one of the few odd times that I did absolutely no prior research. I usually like to look around on blogs and boards for things people tried, but I didn’t.

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I figured she might be a little concerned, but would be ok if sitting on my lap and watching her favorite YouTube video. Nope. The moment her hair was sprayed with water, she made up her mind that it wasn’t going to happen. Our poor friend who was going to do the snipping did not want to traumatize Sacha for all future baby haircuts to come. I agreed. So, we decided to just hang out and get Sacha comfortable with the environment and the people getting their hair cut. We might bring her a few times so she can watch her dad or myself get their hair cut, so maybe she will want to try it too. Is this what most people do?  Maybe I would have found this suggestion if I asked around beforehand.

For now, its wild hair and some attempts to keep it under control. I wish we could do headbands – but they are just too obviously on her head for her to leave them alone. I’m under the suspicion that many of the pictures of cute babies wearing headbands in ads are really just photoshopped on. Our baby can’t keep a headband on for more than 5 seconds. So those are out. She does ok with a barrette though, if you distract her enough to forget about it.

Ongoing project (one of many): work more on teaching her to leave things in her hair and on her head alone!