Naptime Wrestling Match


Ding ding. It’s naptime! What are we in for today?  A fairly smooth transition or the fight of our lives? I never know. Yesterday I just completely gave up the struggle and let her win. I knew what the outcome would be, but I let it happen anyway.  The outcome, of course,  was a day filled with an easy to irritate baby who was a bit out of control. Extremely happy, then extremely upset. Today, though, she put her head on my lap, in her own little way of saying, “hey I’m tired”.  Then she easily fell asleep for her nap. I guess what confuses me is that I don’t see any differences in what I do between the good days and the bad ones. I try to stay fairly consistent with how things are timed, and all of the little rituals that go along with naptime. We read our favorite book, listen to some soft music, and snuggle up with her favorite stuffed animal.  This works most days, but sprinkled in are days that are completely opposite. Naptime frenzies that just blow my mind.

I didn’t know infants could be so strong and so fierce. There are days that I literally have to hold her to get her to stop moving, to calm down and close her eyes. She absolutely can’t stop herself. She will be essentially asleep, but try to sit up, or move her arm, or her leg, or grab my face, or tap her fingers. She will try to wriggle out of my arms and down my lap if we are rocking in her chair. Sometimes I say ok, go ahead and play, if thats what she really, truly wants to do. Guess what? She doesn’t want to play, she wants me to hold her. But when I do hold her, she turns into a little professional wrestler. Some days I’m not on my game and I get smacked in the nose with a flailing head. There is no way to win this scenario except with a TON of patience, I guess. I really don’t know how to fix it.

I would like to discuss with her: “WHY? Why would you do this to yourself? You are obviously tired, why don’t you just lay down?!”  There are no reasonable answers to these questions, and I will attempt to stop seeking them. I will reserve my energy for the next nap time match up.

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