A Different Kind of Funny Animal Video on YouTube

Funny Animal Video

We have been having a lot of fun now that the baby recognizes animals in the different forms that she sees them.  For example, sometimes cows are brown, and sometimes they are white with black spots, but they all say “moo”. Sometimes they are crazy cartoon versions, but she’s getting better at figuring those out too.  The other day I was looking for some videos of animals to show her, and I came across this these funny animal video on YouTube from KidsTV123. It’s called “The Animal Sounds Song“. They aren’t real animals, actually they are goofy cartoons, but the sounds they use are most similar to the sounds we are teaching the baby, so it’s pretty cool. Also the song is cute and catchy. I’ve watched it many, many times and I don’t hate it yet, so that’s always good.

Since this video was such a hit, I looked around and found that the KidsTV123 group has a bunch of little educational videos. They all sort of use the same simple graphics, but I like the way they are teaching the concepts. For example, for the alphabet song, they don’t just say the letter, they add the phonics (Phonics Song 2 is a good one). So you can also teach what the letter sounds like when used in a word. They also have several videos and songs that focus on single letters, like “The M Song” . We are trying to integrate phonics with our sign language, so these videos were a nice find.  Their other videos cover numbers, colors, measurements, and many more subjects that I have not yet explored. It’s a nice resource that I’m sure I will use frequently.

On a side note, can I just say how amazing it is to have these types of resources available in an instant. We are able to show her a picture of a duck in her book, then find a video of ducks doing duck things, all in under a minute. Beats the days of waiting to get to a library to wade through piles of books or encyclopedias so you could get a little more information. Libraries still have their place, but in a moment when there is peeked interest in something, it’s great to keep the momentum going and learn more, right then and there.

Just saying, we have it pretty good. Take advantage of it and post your favorite funny animal videos below!

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