For Sips and Giggles – Baby Cups with Straw

baby cups with straw

I’m trying to keep track of products that have been good finds and helpful to me along the way of being a parent. Maybe they will be helpful to someone else, too.

I’ll start off with something simple that we use daily, the baby cups with straw. We decided to skip the sippy cups entirely and try something closer to a “normal” cup, so we settled on the straw cup.  I saw an 8 month old baby in a play group using one, so I decided to buy one.  I spent about a week working on the skill of using a straw with the baby. At every meal, we would take a few minutes to try it out, making over-dramatic sucking noises and faces. It was fun.  Be prepared the first few times they finally figure out how to suck water up the straw, they will gag and choke, but that’s part of the learning process.

Playtex Baby Lil' Gripper Twist and Click Straw Trainer Cup

The first cup I bought was the Playtex Baby Lil’ Gripper Twist and Click Straw Trainer Cup. It’s an almost perfect straw cup. I love that it feels really, really sturdy.  I think I could accidentally run it over with the car, and it would be just fine. Really nice. The only negative is that it leaks – not a ton – but enough to be annoying if it falls over in your bag. You can get it on Amazon here.

ZoLi BOT sippy cup

On a quest to find a leak-free cup, a fellow mom told me to try the ZoLi BOT sippy cup, so I bought one. I still haven’t been able to find it in any stores, only online. Several people have asked me about the cup while we are out and about, and I usually rave about it.  It has easy handles for the baby to hold and wouldn’t you know it, it really does not leak! You can turn it upside down and there are no drips.  It can stay laying on the floor after being thrown, and there’s no puddle. It has been dropped and thrown a lot, and there are no cracks. Awesome. It has a weighted, flexible straw that moves when the cup is moved, which is the only drawback for me. She can still use the straw if she tips the cup up in the air, which sort of defeats the purpose of the cup. Luckily she typically doesn’t tip the cup up too high, so I’m okay with that. My disclaimer is that we only use it for water ( we don’t give her juice or milk). I can’t imagine that it would work differently with other liquids, but you never know. This cup has been great so far and I highly recommend it for early drinkers on the go. You can get it on Amazon here.

Side note: both of these cups have minimal characters and pictures on the sides. My husband doesn’t understand why companies put distracting pictures for babies to look at on cups and plates. The pictures get the parents to buy the items obviously, but then the baby (or is it just our baby?) picks up the cup or the bowl and twists it around, spilling everything so she can see the picture. I don’t think this problem will go away any time soon.