Fireworks + Baby Results

Watching Fireworks

So, the bet paid off. See yesterday’s Fourth of July Dilemma post.

We decided to give it a try and head down to a local fireworks show for Sacha’s first Fourth of July. We spent the afternoon with her Grandma and Grandpa, had a barbecue, then headed down the hill from their house. I think it helped that we got there less than an hour before the show started, so it wasn’t a marathon of a wait with a baby who was already way past her bedtime.  We brought some camping chairs and a blanket, which she crawled around and played on. The crowd of people, the kids running around, etc, kept her happily entertained. Also the amateur fireworks from the surrounding neighborhoods were pretty good, and were sort of a preview for her.  They were a little farther away, but still had some big noise. Those got some smiles and the “oohh”s that I was hoping to hear.

Once the actual professional show started, she sort of just stared. No crying or worry, but no big smiles either, at first. She was a bit mesmerized… or maybe shocked? She looked around the crowd every once in a while, and I think she was thinking, “no one else seems concerned about this,” so she relaxed, sat back, and smiled. The grand finale did get a bit intense. I tried to cover her ears with my hands, but she didn’t appreciate it. Just as the finale got really, really extravagant and loud, it was over. Then we all cheered.

So, no tears or screams of terror. No rushing to find an exit. We had a really nice time. I’m sure it easily could have gone another way, but I’m so glad we decided to give it a try.