Chomp Chomp Chomp: Teething on Steroids


Whew it has been one rough week. I keep repeating my times-are-tough mom-mantra… “this too shall pass…. this too shall pass…please, please pass soon”. Sacha has been getting in all of her molars. ALL of them, and a few other teeth, all this week. She’s a mess, and in turn, so am I.

Can I say it?  I. Am. Tired.

Maybe it’s good they are all coming in at once? She has had tough days getting a tooth or two every once in a while, but this time it’s just crazy. Can this be it, please? I would love for this teething phase to be over for good, since it essentially can last for two ridiculous years. I remember the first time I looked up “signs of teething”. It said it only lasts for 18 -24 months. They had the nerve to say “only”. We always say “maybe she’s teething again” to have an excuse for her crankiness. And it could be legit. I would just like for that doubt to be over. Let’s hope this is the last hurrah.

The big bummer is this kid won’t chew on anything cold to help her gums out. Thanks a lot for all of those tips on giving teething babies frozen toys or bagels or carrots or ice pops. She turns her head with pursed lips and pushes the frozen goodness away with her hand. Great.Though she will take her teething tabs, sometimes even with a giggle. It’s starting to concern me though. I will give her the allotted dose and she will pick up the bottle again and sign “more”. I want her to feel better but I don’t want to create a little drug addict.

We have been fortunate over the past year that she hasn’t really gotten sick very often. I can honestly say she has never thrown up, and maybe only spit up four times in her year and two months of existence. She had a cold for a week or so once, but thats about it. Not bad. We finally had our middle of the night sky high fever fiasco. One of those scenes you read about, and maybe see in a movie. Feverish, screaming baby, frantic parents.  We did good though. We dipped her in a cool bath (which made her scream even more). We wrestled medicine into her screaming mouth. Got her to calm down by showing her duck videos from YouTube. And eventually got her (and ourselves) to sleep. That was night one. The remaining days have just been cranky, fussy, constant highs and lows. Night two she slept right through and we were sure we were back on track. Then night three happened, where she essentially cried at me off and on for over two hours… starting at 3 am. I honestly wanted to just run away.

Let’s hope this phase passes soon. Please, please pass soon.


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