Books, Books, and More Books


Sacha is really into books right now.  She will bypass a giant pile of toys and head straight for the stack of books. Then one by one, she will flip through them. You can hear her making animal noises or giggling to herself. This week she has even started picking out books and giving them to me to read with her. Two of her current, absolute favorites are:

“Higher! Higher!” by Leslie Patricelli It’s a book about the simple act of swinging told by beautifully colorful pictures. Not many words are needed to explain the amazing places this swing goes. I’m not sure if Sacha relates to this book because of the swings (which she loves), or if she just really likes the illustrations. Either way, this was a hit from the first time we read it to her. She even high fives when the girl and the little alien high five in space half-way through. Today she was trying to mimic the way I say “higher”. I bet after a few more reads she will have it down.  We bought a few other books by Patricelli, but Sacha doesn’t have the same reaction and sort of loses interest. Not with this book, though. I can read it five times in a row, and she smiles every time.

“Goodnight, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann The first time I read this book, I thought ” what a cute book!” I love the concept and the relationship between the zookeeper, his wife, and the animals. The zookeeper goes around to each animal in the zoo and says goodnight. LIttle does he know they are all following him home to go to sleep too. Sacha does some of her best animal sounds and signs with this book. She rawrs and does the lion sign over her head, and lifts her little arm for the elephant trunk. All the way through she makes her gorilla “ooh ooh oohs”. I have yet to look up what the signs are for armadillo and hyena, but I will soon.

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