Alpha Mom Tips


Cute article from Alpha Mom: 23 Exceedingly Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity While Living With Children

I might refer back to this article in about ten years to compare notes. Although I only am 10 months into being a parent, there were a few things that rang true.

#4: I keep buying baskets…and we keep getting more toys. So I buy bigger baskets. And they fill up. Now the toys are getting too big to be hidden away in baskets.  I don’t want to get rid of toys because if we have more kids we will need them…. hmmm.

#10: Oops. I did at least contemplate that it could be trouble when we decided to buy six, off-white dining room chairs. We did it anyway. Once our baby is coordinated enough to walk and use crayons, we may hate ourselves a little.

#11: I feel like this is true.  Example: First flight with the baby, all by myself. As we are going through the TSA security line, the baby has a mega blow-out diaper. Mega. As I was all by myself, with no one to hand her to,  I tried to hold her in just the right angle as to not get myself dirty, all while re-packing our stuff from the x-ray bins and unfolding the stroller, which I couldn’t put her in because I didn’t want that to get dirty too. I wanted to just throw everything down on the ground, including myself. That wouldn’t go over well in the security area, so I managed to collect everything with one hand, and locate a bathroom. That sort of gave me a “downer” of an outlook for the rest of my travel day. However now I think about it and, yeah, I do laugh.

#23: I think this is true for most things in life, with or without the stress of kids. A stupid reality tv show and a glass of red wine can make anyone feel a bit better about their lot in life.