19 Months and Busy as Ever

2014-03-15 15.20.31

So it has been 19 months since Sacha came into the world. It has been quite a journey. I started writing this blog about ten months ago to try to document life as we went, and I sort of dropped the ball on the documenting life for a bit. I guess if you count Facebook posts, Foursquare check-ins and random tweets then we are still continually documenting, but I haven’t written anything too in depth in a while. Honestly being a toddler mom overwhelmed me for a while (a topic for another day). Needless to say toddlers are not conducive to sitting at a computer and gathering your thoughts logically.

It is the biggest understatement I have ever heard to say that toddlers are busy. She is into everything, every second. It’s impressive how she moves from one thing to the next, to the next, leaving a trail of crayons, and blocks and books.  I do try the “let’s put these away before we play with those” thing, but sometimes I just can’t move that fast. Also, forget about pictures. I’m lucky if I can get one that isn’t blurry, because she’s always on the move. Most of the ones I get are of her looking away, because if she sees me taking a picture, she immediately runs at the camera.

2014-02-14 11.03.15

So what do I want to say about having a baby the age of 19 months?  It’s pretty darn fun. Yeah, there are days I feel defeated by her willfulness, and at the end of most nights I have nothing left of me but the need to do absolutely nothing. Right now she just thinks everything is great so it’s hard for it to not be contagious (until it’s not great, then it’s awful for everyone). She picks up on our mannerisms and watches how to do things intently, and is pretty good at repeating. Thus we now are more aware of how we do things because whoa, she is watching!

Here is my current (long) list of Sacha favorites that I add to daily, but need to write down more often:

Drawing/Coloring/Painting Fiend:  I now have become a “crayon hoarder”. I always have some kind of crayons in my purse, car, backpack, you name it, because this baby likes to draw. Some days we will draw or color for almost an hour (not bad for a toddler attention span). The best part is she tells us what she is drawing, which is not only cute but super helpful when deciphering some intently drawn scribbles. One of our favorite stories: I was drawing different animals on a white board, and she was obviously thinking about something intently. Then she drew a simple wavy line, pointed to it and said “hisssss”. She had drawn a snake. Best. Drawing. Ever.

2013-12-26 10.20.52-1

 Animal Noise Maker: She does them all with her own interpretation, and with a lot of confidence. Her bird noises are way more spot on than what we’ve taught. For instance, we say “tweet tweet” (along with the sign) for a bird sound, but recently she makes hers with little cooing and chirping noises, which are much more bird-like. Same with ducks – hers is a low pitched quack that is purely awesome.  She still does an impressive “RAWR” for lions and tigers. Still my favorite animal noise she does is her cat meow, which she makes whenever she is looking for or sees our cat Charlie. It’s hard to describe, but it’s not a simple meow, it’s a succession of high pitched meowing sounds.

 Kitchen Helper: We just accept the fact that there will probably be a mess and things will take longer, but that sure beats having a whining, fussy person standing at your feet. Sacha takes direction pretty well when it comes to doing things a certain way. She knows the entire coffee making process, and reminds us when we forget a step by pointing to the filters, for example. She hands us eggs, mixes ingredients, adds things and does quality control.

2014-03-06 09.02.05

 Talker: She attempts to repeat things all the time now, and I love it. Some of my favorites are; colors: “boo,” and “geen,” and “bown”. “Moon” and “go” are said with great clarity and excitement.  Of course my favorite is “momma”, which she says as she points to me with her big brown eyes, smiling. Some times, in the middle of the night while rocking in the dark, she will take her pacifier out of her mouth just to say “momma,” in the sweetest voice on earth, I swear. This almost always makes up for her having woken me up in the middle of the night.

If she’s not talking, she’s signing! We’ve lost count of how many signs she knows, and she’s even made up some of her own to try and get her point across.

2014-03-08 08.24.43-2

 Dancer: She stops and dances when she hears music just about anywhere. In a restaurant, at the mall, on tv, etc. Sometimes she dances while she walks. One of my favorite things is looking in the rear view mirror to see her bopping her head to the radio (which could be to anything from the itsy bitsy spider, to Ella Fitzgerald, to Jay-z, and especially Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, go figure).

 Individual: Right now she thinks it’s fabulous to run around naked. She says “hi” to animals near or far and also to things on tv that she likes. She licks weird things and then giggles. Out of nowhere she will just start eating off her plate with her mouth. She also sometimes puts things in her mouth and brings them to me (we don’t have a dog).  Peek a boo is still an all time favorite past time, and hilarious, always. She gets jealous of Charlie and does not like to share blankets with him. She also likes to show him things that she has, and always looks for him when we get home. She is in love with her binkys (pacifiers) – yes- she prefers two, and she rotates them every few minutes. She only gets them at bedtime, and she seems to get excited to go to bed so she can have them. She lovingly calls them “dinky” or “dink dink.” She does not have a particular favorite stuffed animal. She has many to choose from, and she shares the love by picking one every few days that she does everything with, then moves on to the next. Current favorite is her pink elephant, “Ellie”. Some that do get rotated more frequently are her Curious George, her little black panther we call “Chuck” (mini Charlie), and a white and brown dog (no name). She mulls over which books to read at bedtime, often shaking her head no until we find the right one or she picks them out herself. She loves her books, and studies the pictures intently. I could keep going but need to stop eventually…

She changes every day and it’s a blessing to be able to see it all happen first hand. I’m sure I’ll have a whole new list very soon.

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